Building Memorable Brands

Building Memorable Brands

The word “brand” is nothing more or less than the promise of value your organization makes to its constituents.

We use the word “brand” to refer to a company name, product name or unique identifier, such as a logo or trademark. But organizations with strong brands have identified what they offer that is unique and of high value to their constituents and marketed that value over time. In the end, the marketplace comes to know them as the best source for filling that need.

Brand management is the process of helping people make the connection between their need and your brand so that they will recognize it, know what it stands for, tell others about it, and know they can rely on it to deliver value.

Here are key steps to building a strong brand:

  • Start with a quality product that delivers superior performance.
  • Identify your brand’s singular distinction that is most important to your target market.
  • Own a word or phrase that succinctly conveys your brand message and strikes an emotional chord with your audiences.
  • Build the image visually, verbally and through your actions to create a compelling brand message.
  • Sell the brand internally first to ensure each member of the organization understands the brand and his or her role in shaping it.
  • Live the message – deliver on the promise you make to your market.
  • Market the brand every day, every way.